Step it Up with OHMS-Illuminating Stairs with Step Lights

Be it apartments, bungalows or commercial structures, not matter how much we may believe we rely on elevators and escalators—stairs remain an inherent feature in each one these buildings. Their presence may have purely functional advantages but a beautifully crafted staircase can simply change the ambiance of an interior or exterior. Yet, safety is the most important consideration in each staircase or stairwell design and OHMS lightning has partnered with many engineers, architects and designers providing the right step lights bringing safety and enhancing the look of every step, at every step.

Led Step lightsHere are the top three reasons why a building should have LED step lights:

  1. Safety: The primary reason to install indoor stair lighting is surely to increase safety on the stairs. Illuminating each step can help prevent slips and falls at night or in dimly lit spaces , preventing injury and protecting your loved ones. May it be homes with children or the elderly or corporate spaces, the wellbeing of the people in a building is always the prime concern.
  2. Aesthetics: The inviting warm glow from LED step lights does wonders to enhance the beauty of a space especially at night. Step lights are used ingeniously in buildings to enhance the landscape, amplify deck lighting when entertaining and for commercial exterior lighting producing breathtaking results. 
  3. Win-win: Using LED lighting for your steps from OHMS Lightning, Pakistan, offers the benefit of reducing power consumption, helping to save both the environment you’re your hard earned money. 

Outdoor step lights

May they be recessed lights which when placed correctly, can bring the stairs alive and enhance your home interiors or strip lights placed directly under each stair, on the wall, or the hand railing itself—you can use a variety of options to bring out the best of your stairway in an elegant way. 

No matter what your décor or priority safety features may be, OHMS step lights that are waterproof and weatherproof, will give you a solution best suited to your unique building preferences. Resilient to withstand challenging outdoor weather conditions, OHMS step lights can be placed anywhere including gardens, aisles, patios or driveways, parking lots and educational campuses for an ideal outdoor lighting solution in Karachi. 


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