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About OHMS lighting

How it was started?


Ohms lighting started as a small enterprise 30 years back catering to a select few clients, from its humble office space at Bambino Annexe on Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan.


The principal mentor – Mr. M. H. ZOOMKAWALA along with his son Odad Zoomkawala – MSc in mechanical engineering, launched the company supplying industrial and office lights to a handful of companies known personally to them.

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Light is a Powerful Thing

We believe, an atmosphere, one which you remember is set by design, architecture and ‘lighting’. In the right hands, lighting can create any mood, accentuate any build feature and truly transform any space.

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Our Commercial and Residential Clients

Present the most cost efficient lighting design layouts to combine beauty

Adidas Showroom Karachi

Caltex Oil Pakistan Ltd

Dolmen Mall Karachi

Junaid Jamshed

Nike Showroom Karachi

Reebook Showroom Lahore

Pakistan Army Complex

Marriott Hotel

Muslim Commercial Bank

Pearl Continental Hotel

Hilton Tobacco

Parco Mid Country Refinery

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Be it apartments, bungalows or commercial structures, not matter how much we may believe we rely on elevators and escalators—stairs remain an inherent feature in each one these buildings. Their presence may have purely functional advantages but a beautifully crafted staircase can simply change the ambiance of an interior or exterior. Yet, safety is the… Continue reading Step it Up with OHMS-Illuminating Stairs with Step Lights


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